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Thank you for visiting the website of My Mind My Power, LLC. Pat Zuniga offers instructional support, education data analytics, and curriculum design services in Richland, Washington. Let Pat guide you through the process of using your mind to learn your power to strengthen your instructional toolkit.

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Although My Mind My Power was originally developed for schools, self-empowerment is applicable to all people, regardless of age, demographics, socioeconomic status, and can be customized for any person or organization. Organizations can harness the power of stakeholder self-awareness to achieve change through an education-based approach. Patrick is eager to assist you to create specific norms, structures, and procedures to more rapidly achieve your goals.

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Do you have a goal for yourself or for your organization? Are you trying to create a new approach to teaching traditional things or build a curriculum for something that is new? My Mind My Power can help. Whether you want to build a start to finish learning experience for yourself or for others, contact My Mind My Power for curriculum design services. Pat will learn more about your goals and explain which approach and content will help you achieve them.

My Mind My Power can use existing sources, internet-based resources, or create new content to deliver a customized learning experience for your organization. These resources use the science of education to empower individuals to identify personal strengths, understand the power of collaboration, and connect with organizational goals. Although these activities are specifically for a school, custom content can easily be created for your organization.

Identifying, mining, and analyzing data are important steps in achieving goals. My Mind My Power, in Richland, Washington offers data analysis for any individual or organization planning on achieving goals. Pat will help you examine the qualitative and quantitative data to create hypotheses that will help identify steps for goal achievement. He’ll evaluate your goals and educational experiences to identify different steps and individualized approaches most likely to produce results.

Take the first step to using your mind to realize its power. Contact My Mind My Power today to learn more about data analysis services.

Don’t get discouraged if you’re struggling to achieve your goals. Reach out to My Mind My Power to get support for the instruction of self and others. My Mind My Power will help you use your mind to recognize the power of instructional plans you create that maintain focus on achieving goals. My Mind My Power will show you how to use your mind to develop content for self or for others so that the maximum outcome of learning experiences can be realized.

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