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Create organizational change through the power of leadership, inclusion, and education.

Data Analysis

Use qualitative and quantitative data for organizational change


Sustainable change is founded in powerful education


Instructional support for learning experiences

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The story of Patrick's motivation to start My Mind My Power


Leadership, Inclusion, Education

Individuals face challenging learning environments each day. The mission of My Mind My Power is to tackle these complexities through data-analysis, building critical thinking abilities, and problem-solving skills. Organizational change and personal growth are complementary processes. Patrick works with you to build goal-setting strategies, improve motivational awareness, and study the value of inclusive practices.


Your Mind is Your Power

Although My Mind My Power was originally developed for schools, self-empowerment is applicable to all people, regardless of age, demographics, socioeconomic status, and can be customized for any person or organization. Organizations can harness the power of stakeholder self-awareness to achieve change through an education-based approach. Patrick is eager to assist you to create specific norms, structures, and procedures to more rapidly achieve your goals.

Three ways Patrick can help with organizational change

Trust Patrick to help you refine norms, structures, and procedures needed for organizational change. His services include:

  1. Using data analysis to create a strength-based approach for improvement
  2. Building customized learning experiences that will help your organization reach its goals
  3. Assisting individuals to improve their self-awareness and leadership skills
Find out which service would best benefit your organization. Contact Pat today to discuss your educational needs with him.

The power you need to advance organizational change resides within your organization. My Mind My Power can assist you with creating solutions for existing challenges. Whether planning overall organizational change, creating growth opportunities for individuals, or a combination of both, contact Patrick today to discuss customized and education-based systems for change. Patrick specializes in: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Opportunity Gap Considerations, Multicultural Considerations, Cultural Transmission, Curriculum and Instruction, Data Analysis, Goal and Motivation Orientations, Social Media Considerations, and more.

Contact Patrick Zuniga today, consultations are free.

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Organizational Change

Assisted by a consultant and educator who's been in your position

Patrick Zuniga, founder and lead consultant, of My Mind My Power has taught for nearly 17 years and has earned two graduate degrees in education helping him construct a deeper understanding of self-empowerment and collective support. He is currently a doctoral student and has a passion for overcoming inequity through critical thinking and meaningful relationships. Patrick also recognizes the power of social-emotional considerations, non-cognitive skills, and the literacy for hope. He understands the value of your work and will do everything possible to help you achieve your goals.

Get in touch with Founder and Lead Consultant, Patrick Zuniga, today to inquire about workshops, presentations, consultations, or to discuss rates.