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Find out why your students are achieving their current test scores.

Curriculum Building

Prepare a better curriculum to advance your educational goals.

Instructional Support

Get the instructional support you need to engage more with your students.

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The vision of My Mind My Power is to assist with the creation of an environment that cultivates achievement through critical thinking using a multitude of experiences that empower the individual to create social mobility while overcoming the limitations that sustain the achievement gap and the opportunity gap.

Discover How To Improve Your Teaching Strategy

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The power you need to develop the right school curriculum resides in your mind. The renowned consultant at My Mind My Power, LLC will show you how you can create helpful content for your students. Pat Zuniga offers a variety of curriculum services for educators in Richland, Washington. He'll help you implement new strategies to help teach your students effectively.

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3 ways Pat can help improve your educational materials

Trust Pat to help you refine your educational materials. His curriculum services include:

  1. Figuring out what does and doesn't work for your school through educational data analytics
  2. Building a successful curriculum that will help you reach your goals as a school
  3. Helping teachers better manage their responsibilities through instructional support

Find out which service would best benefit your classroom. Contact Pat today to discuss your educational needs with him.

Work with a professional who's been in your position

Pat has been a teacher for over 17 years and earned two master's degrees in education before starting My Mind My Power. His clients all agree that he has a special talent for reaching students, teachers and communities alike. Pat comes from a family of teachers, and some of his biggest role models are teachers. He understands the value of your work and will do everything possible to help you succeed as an educator.

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