Just Read 2019: Designed for 6th grade and beyond.

  1. Plan to be engaged with your text for at least 1 hour
  2. Pick out your favorite book, short story, or magazine article
  3. Read for at least 20 minutes
  4. Spend 40 minutes completing all the activities for the Read and Think Reflection

Do you want to encourage others to read? Ask an adult to post a picture of your text and the Read and Think Reflection
on social media with the hashtags #ijustread2019 and #mymindmypower

Click Here to Download: Read and Think Reflection

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Learning environments that students face seems to become more complicated each day. Our mission is to tackle these complexities through data-based planning and by cultivating students' critical thinking and problem-solving knowledge and skills. Our goal is to increase individual personal achievement (as measured by school, district, and state goals) by empowering students to aspire to be their best learners and to minimize opportunity gaps among youth by creating pathways for upward mobility for all students.


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The power you need to develop the right school curriculum resides in your mind. The renowned consultant at My Mind My Power, LLC will show you how you can create helpful content for your students. Using realities of the learning environment and critical thinking, today's learners will be empowered to realize personal achievement, attain optimal learning, minimize the achievement gap, and create upward mobility. The specific areas I work within are: the Humanities, Digital Literacy and Social Media, Multiculturalism, and Student-Athletics. We work with schools, nonprofits, and any organization wanting to achieve their goals through an intentional process.

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Pat has been a teacher for over 17 years and earned two master's degrees in education before starting My Mind My Power. His clients all agree that he has a special talent for reaching students, teachers and communities alike. Pat comes from a family of teachers, and some of his biggest role models are teachers. He understands the value of your work and will do everything possible to help you succeed as an educator.

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