Step One: Read for 20 minutes

Reading for 20 minutes every day is necessary to become life-ready.
While reading, think about and ask questions about your book/source.
Afterward, write about what you've read or discuss it with a friend or trusted adult.
To download a free worksheet to help: Click Here.

Data Analysis

Use qualitative and quantitative data to plan growth.

Curriculum Building

Whether you want to teach yourself or others, learn how to develop, deliver, and assess learning.

Instructional Support

Instructional advice for self and guidance for others.

Custom Content

Examples of how everything can be used for teaching and learning.


Find out how Patrick's struggle with alcohol and love for his goddaughter motivated his work in the field of education.


Educational Consulting: Your Mind, Your Power

Learning environments that individuals face seems to become more complicated each day. The mission of My Mind My Power is to tackle these complexities through data-based planning and by cultivating individuals' critical thinking and problem-solving knowledge and skills. Our goal is to increase individual personal achievement (as measured by educational goals or personal objectives) by empowering individuals to aspire to be their best learners and to minimize opportunity gaps among individuals by creating pathways for upward mobility for all people.


Your Mind, Your Power

We all have an amazing mind with the capability to realize our own power. Whether you are a professional athlete, a celebrated artist, a retired go-getter, a stay-at-home parent, an aspiring professional, or someone with passion and drive, this company is designed to use the science of education to help you create a framework to use your mind for personal empowerment.

Although My Mind My Power was originally developed for schools, the self-empowerment theory of achievement constructed by founder, Patrick Zuniga, is for all people, of all ages, demographics, incomes, and tailored for anyone who is goal-inspired. My Mind My Power believes that any group or organization can use their mind and their power to help take the guess work of their road success through the science of education, we will help clarify those solutions using the science of education. My Mind My Power will help you establish a clear and personalized pathway to achieve your goals using teaching and learning processes. Ask about our rates today.

Three ways Pat can help improve your educational materials

Trust Pat to help you refine your educational materials. His curriculum services include:

  1. Figuring out what does and doesn't work for your school through educational data analytics
  2. Building a successful curriculum that will help you reach your goals as a school
  3. Helping teachers better manage their responsibilities through instructional support
Find out which service would best benefit your classroom. Contact Pat today to discuss your educational needs with him.

Use Your Mind and Your Power

to Teach, Learn, and Achieve.

The power you need to develop the right school curriculum for success resides in your mind. My Mind My Power will show you how you can create helpful content for yourself or others. Using realities of the learning environment and critical thinking, today's learners will be empowered to realize personal achievement, attain optimal learning, minimize the achievement/opportunity gaps, and create upward mobility. The specific areas for My Mind My Power are: Individual Goal-Achievement, the Humanities, Awareness of Interconnectivity, Multiculturalism, Leadership, and Student-Athletics. My Mind My Power works with schools, nonprofits, individuals, and any organization wanting to achieve their goals through the science of education.

Call 509-521-3338 now to learn more about Pat's curriculum building or educational data analysis services in Seattle, Washington. Contact today for rates.

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Work with a professional Educational Consultant who's been in your position

Patrick Zuniga, founder and lead consultant, of My Mind My Power has been a teacher for nearly 17 years and earned two master's degrees in education that helped him construct the self-empowerment theory of learning. He is currently a doctoral student. He has a passion for helping others use their minds to realize their power. Imagine yourself saying, "I accomplished my goals using My Mind and My Power." He continues to advocate for dedication, discipline, and determination while helping others achieve there goals. He understands the value of your work and will do everything possible to help you achieve your goals.

Get in touch with Founder and Lead Consultant, Patrick Zuniga, today to inquire about workshops, presentations, consultations, or to discuss rates.

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